Do you store my card details?
We do not store card details or any other banking information. All payments are handled by our payments provider, flutterwave.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at anytime by clicking the cancel subscription link in the newsletter you subscribed to. As a courtesy our payments provider will send you a reminder before you are billed so you can cancel your subscription.
I subscribed but I do not get any newsletters?
Newsletters are sent by the publishers at their discretion. If you subscribed to a newsletter but have not received any for more than the specified time please contact us.
When do I get paid?
Payments are made once a month typically around the 7th. All subscription income for the previous month is seny at once. Charges are decucted before payments and some customers may be subject to withholding taxes.
What currencies can I use?
You can currently only charge using the currency of your home country. We are working to add further currency billing options soon. You can however recieve payments from any currency. Conversions will be made at prevailing rates as determined by our payments provider.
How many emails can I send?
You can send an unlimited number of newsletters. However you can only send newsletters to paid subscribers who have verified their email address. There is no free tier.
Can I add pictures to my newsletters?
We currently do not support uploading pictueres but you can embed pictures into your newsletters from other sources.
Can I store templates?
We are working on allowing publishers save templates. The feature will be added soon.
Can I edit the price of my subscriptions?
You currently cannot edit the price of your newsletter.